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Wedding planning as a profession has just started taking off in India and it is not late before it becomes a full-fledged profession. According to Amit Rathore, Director Genie Events, wedding planning is fast becoming a big industry in India. Industry estimates puts it that the wedding industry could well be a whopping 2, 00,000 crore industry. “People have money to spend now and they don’t want to compromise on wedding arrangements, the biggest day for their own, or their near and dear ones. The wedding planning industry has really picked up in the last decade and a lot of finesse and expertise now goes into a grand and successful wedding,” he explains. Anyone aspiring to become a wedding planner has to have the knack for organising an event of such grandeur. He has to plan the ceremonies, organise them as planned, decorate the venue, co-ordinate the event and take good care of the guests. It is he who helps the client in selecting the venue, arranging accommodation and providing transportation to and from the wedding site for the guests, arranging for photographers and videographers and sometimes even the priest. More often than not, if the client wishes to throw up a theme based wedding, the wedding planner has to plan out a particular ambience or theme for the venue and accordingly syncronise all the ceremonies based on that. Most importantly, the wedding planner has to give in to the client’s whims and fancies when it comes to planning, executing and managing a wedding.

When we think of 'gotta' and 'zarri' work, the first place that strucks our mind is our very own Chandni Chowk. Amidst the hustle- bustle of the maddening crowd , narrow streets and loud sales pitches, this three centuries old Indian market offers the soon-to-be brides a heartfelt amazing collection of bridal lehengas and vintage jewellery. All you need to do is a bit of research work in terms of the right places to shop in this densely populous Eastern Delhi Market.Once you are off to this place with your list handy, you are just a step away from your dream 'joda'. Yes, chandni chowk speaks fashion and will tell you about the latest trends. A palpable upside is the sheer variety on offer, right from the heavily embellished pieces to the stylist yet light weight fits. Chandni chowk has in store for you all the classy sophisticated stuff you are looking for that suits your pocket. You may also get excellent designer replicas at economical prices which would cost you hefty at malls and other places. No doubt, CC has the potential to invite not only Delhites but also people from other different places for their most special day shopping. Do hon your bargaining skills before you visit East Delhi and while exploring the rich Indian culture's essence here dont forget to stop for some mouth watering chaat . It will surely turn out to be a great pre wedding day at Chandni Chowk !

So you are a nature lover? Entangled in the cobweb of the city pollution, hustle­ bustle and fast paced competitive life , we all somewhere deep in our hearts seek a place of solitude close to nature where we rediscover ourselves. Newly wed, what better idea than beginning the romance of your life in a tropical rain forest in the midst of greenery, fresh air, water streams, a leopard to spot on a safari and some adventure sports. Visualize living in a bird's nest ­ such a breathtaking sight of nature in its pristine prime with a blend of urban comforts and luxuries. Waking up with the chirping of the birds and the enchanting blossomming of the flowers in all their hues, where fresh cool breeze replace your ACs and the essence of nature is felt deep close to your heart every moment of your stay. Such an unbelievable experience is possible exclusively when staying in a tree house resort . These ''Green Paradises'' are inspired by none other than the greatest and the most original artist ­ the mother nature itself. Quite palpable, these ''green oasis'' are trending honeymoon spots these days worldwide. In India we have beautiful tree house resorts in Kerala and Jaipur.